All-Time: Olympic Huskers

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1912Lewis AndersonUnited StatesMen's Track & Field 
1936Sam FrancisUnited StatesMen's Track & Field 
1956Keith GardnerJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1960Dan BrandUnited StatesMen's Wrestling 
1960Keith GardnerJamaicaMen's Track & Field
1960Joe MullinsCanadaMen's Track & Field 
1964Dan BrandUnited StatesMen's Wrestling
1964Lynn HeadleyJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1968Charlie GreeneUnited StatesMen's Track & Field
1968Clifton ForbesJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1968Lennox BurgherJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1968Carol FrostUnited StatesWomen's Track & Field 
1972Leighton PriestleyJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1972Garth CaseJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1972Horace LevyJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1972Donald QuarrieJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1976John EbitoNigeriaMen's Swimming 
1976Bengt JonssonSweedenMen's Swimming 
1976Leighton PriestleyJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1976Donald QuarrieJamaicaMen's Track & Field
1980Rynaldo CastroDominican RepublicMen's Swimming 
1980John EbitoNigeriaMen's Swimming 
1980Donald QuarrieJamaicaMen's Track & Field
1980Merlene OtteyJamaicaWomen's Track & Field
1980Jim HartungUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1980Phil CahoyUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1980Larry GerardUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1980Francis AllenUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics - HC 
1984Jim HartungUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics
1984Scott JohnsonUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics
1984Rynaldo CastroDominican RepublicMen's Swimming 
1984Donald QuarrieJamaicaMen's Track & Field
1984Dennis WallaceJamaicaMen's Track & Field 
1984Merlene OtteyJamaicaWomen's Track & Field
1984Janet BurkeJamaicaWomen's Track & Field 
1984Marcia TateJamaicaWomen's Track & Field 
1984Angela ThackerUnited StatesWomen's Track & Field 
1984Jim Mikus (alternate)United StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1988Scott JohnsonUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1988Wes SuterUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1988Kevin DavisUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1988Tom SchlesingerUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics 
1988Jim ScherrUnited StatesMen's Wrestling 
1988Bill ScherrUnited StatesMen's Wrestling 
1988Bill TrottBermudaMen's Track & Field 
1988Wendy LuceroUnited StatesWomen's Swimming 
1988Merlene OtteyJamaicaWomen's Track & Field 
1988Marcia TateJamaicaWomen's Track & Field 
1988Sharon PowellJamaicaWomen's Track & Field 
1988Denise ThiemardSwitzerlandWomen's Track & Field 
1992Trent DimasUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics
1992Roberto BonillaGuatemalaMen's Swimming 
1992Jan BidramnSweedenMen's Swimming 
1992Peter WilliamsSouth AfricaMen's Swimming 
1992Tamas MolnaryHungaryMen's Track & Field 
1992Mark JacksonCanadaMen's Track & Field 
1992Penny HeynsSouth AfricaWomen's Swimming 
1992Anja MargeticBosniaWomen's Swimming 
1992Merlene OtteyJamaicaWomen's Track & Field
1992Ximena RestrepoColombiaWomen's Track & Field
1992Karen KrugerSouth AfricaWomen's Track & Field 
1992Lori EndicottUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball
1992Francis AllenUnited StatesMen's Gymnastics - HC 
1992John CookUnited StatesMen's Volleyball - AC 
1996Juan BenavidesSpainMen's Swimming 
1996Roberto BonillaGuatemalaMen's Swimming 
1996Jose IsazaPanamaMen's Swimming 
1996Valery KalmikovsLatviaMen's Swimming 
1996Lori SippelCanadaSoftball 
1996Balazs TolgyesiHungaryMen's Track & Field 
1996Frank MensahGhanaMen's Track & Field 
1996Dieudonne KwizeraBerundiMen's Track & Field 
1996Therese AlshammarSwedenWomen's Swimming 
1996Penny HeynsSouth AfricaWomen's Swimming
1996Emma JohnsonAustraliaWomen's Swimming 
1996Lenka ManhalovaCzech RepublicWomen's Swimming 
1996Terrie MillerNorwayWomen's Swimming 
1996Helene MullerSouth AfricaWomen's Swimming 
1996Julia RussellSouth AfricaWomen's Swimming 
1996Anna WindsorAustraliaWomen's Swimming 
1996Merlene OtteyJamaicaWomen's Track & Field
1996Linetta WilsonUnited StatesWomen's Track & Field
1996Nicola MartialGuyanaWomen's Track & Field 
1996Patricia NadlerSwitzerlandWomen's Track & Field 
1996Lori EndicottUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball 
1996Jan BidrmanSouth AfricaSwimming - HC 
2000Juan BenavidesSpainMen's Swimming 
2000Valery KalmikovsLatviaMen's Swimming 
2000Adam PineAustraliaMen's Swimming
2000Michael WindischAustriaMen's Swimming 
2000Javier BotelloSpainMen's Swimming 
2000Rulon GardnerUnited StatesMen's Wrestling
2000Matt LindlandUnited StatesMen's Wrestling
2000Jimmy PinoColombiaMen's Track & Field 
2000Therese AlshammarSwedenWomen's Swimming
2000Penny HeynsSouth AfricaWomen's Swimming
2000Helene MullerSouth AfricaWomen's Swimming 
2000Elvira FischerAustriaWomen's Swimming 
2000Merlene OtteyJamaicaWomen's Track & Field
2000Ximena RestrepoColombiaWomen's Track & Field 
2000Jelena StanisavljevicYugoslaviaWomen's Track & Field 
2000Allison WestonUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball 
2000Peggy LiddickAustraliaWomen's Gymnastics - HC 
2000Jan BidrmanCanadaSwimming - AC 
2004Adam SternCanadaBaseball 
2004Adam PineAustraliaMen's Swimming 
2004Rulon GardnerUnited StatesMen's Wrestling
2004Brad VeringUnited StatesMen's Wrestling 
2004Sheena LawrickCanadaSoftball 
2004Stephanie SkegasGreeceSoftball 
2004Nenad LoncarSerbia and MontengroMen's Track & Field 
2004Dimitrijs MilkevicsLativaMen's Track & Field 
2004Therese AlshammarSwedenWomen's Swimming 
2004Merlene OtteySloveniaWomen's Track & Field 
2004Priscilla LopesCanadaWomen's Track & Field 
2004Ineta RadevvicaLativaWomen's Track & Field 
2004Dace RuskuleLativaWomen's Track & Field 
2004Nancy MetcalfUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball 
2004Peggy LiddickAustraliaWomen's Gymnastics - HC 
2004Jan BidrmanCanadaSwimming - AC 
2006Curtis TomaseviczUnited StatesBobsled 
2008Brian DuensingUnited StatesBaseball
2008Adam SternCanadaBaseball 
2008Adam PineAustraliaMen's Swimming
2008Brad VeringUnited StatesMen's Wrestling 
2008Sheena LawrickCanadaSoftball 
2008Robin MackinCanadaSoftball 
2008Dimitrijs MilkevicsLativaMen's Track & Field 
2008Dusty JonasUnited StatesMen's Track & Field 
2008Karina LeblancCanadaWomen's Soccer 
2008Brittany TimkoCanadaWomen's Soccer 
2008Amy WalshCanadaWomen's Soccer 
2008Therese AlshammarSwedenWomen's Swimming 
2008Priscilla LopesCanadaWomen's Track & Field
2008Ineta RadevvicaLativaWomen's Track & Field 
2008Gyorgyi FarkasHungaryWomen's Track & Field 
2008Amber Neben (Parkinson)United StatesWomen's Cycling 
2008Peggy LiddickAustraliaWomen's Gymnastics - HC 
2008Lori SippelCanadaSoftball - HC 
2008Jan BidrmanCanadaSwimming - AC 
2010Curtis TomaseviczUnited StatesBobsled
2010Shelley-Ann BrownCanadaBobsled
2012Aleks MaricAustraliaMen's Basketball 
2012Jordan BurroughsUnited StatesMen's Wrestling
2012Chelsea AubryCanadaWomen's Basketball 
2012Amber Neben (Parkinson)United StatesWomen's Cycling 
2012Jordan LarsonUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball 
2012Chante McMillanUnited StatesWomen's Track & Field 
2012Karina LeblancCanadaWomen's Soccer 
2012Brittany TimkoCanadaWomen's Soccer 
2012Ade DagunduroNigeriaMen's Basketball 
2012Carl MyerscoughGreat BritainMen's Track & Field 
2012Therese AlshammarSwedenWomen's Swimming 
2012Gyorgyi FarkasHungaryWomen's Track & Field 
2012Lehann FourieSouth AfricaMen's Track & Field 
2012Ineta RadevvicaLatviaWomen's Track & Field 
2012Peggy LiddickAustraliaWomen's Gymnastics - HC 
2012Mark ManningUnited StatesWrestling - AC 
2012Jan BidrmanCanadaSwimming - AC
2014Curtis TomaseviczUnited StatesBobsled
2016Therese AlshammarSwedenWomen's Swimming 
2016Jordan LarsonUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball
2016Kayla BanwarthUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball
2016Kelsey RobinsonUnited StatesWomen's Volleyball
2016Sarah PavanCanadaWomen's Beach Volleyball 
2016Jordan BurroughsUnited StatesWrestling 
2016Peggy LiddickAustraliaWomen's Gymnastics - HC 
2016Marusa CernjulSloveniaWomen's Track & Field- High Jump 
2016Mark ManningUnited StatesWrestling - AC 
2016Ashley MacAllisterPuerto RicoRifle - HC 
2016Danielle PageSerbiaWomen's Basketball 
2016Miles UkaomaNigeriaMen's Track & Field- Hurdles 
2012Gyorgyi FarkasHungaryWomen's Track & Field 

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